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At TerraScale, we view design and architecture as an interface for sustainability, technology and design. We strive to stay on the cutting edge, working with the leading edge in architecture and design to develop award-winning designs.

TerraScale’s work with Urban A&O, the prestigious sustainability-focused architecture firm, has won multiple global awards, highlighting a commitment to being on the forefront of green development. Urban A&O incorporates academic research into practice at the scales of the exhibition, building, interiors, product design, landscape, and master planning.
The practice emphasizes parametric modeling, design, and research, leveraging the powerful tools of CATIA-based software and digital fabrication processes to produce sculptural and geometrically complex forms and environments to be experienced within the public sphere. The resulting innovative work tests the limits of material and space through the development of radically new geometries with strong conceptual underpinnings.

2022 Awards

Build Architecture Awards
Build Architecture Awards
Best Industrial / Commercial Development Design (USA): Project Energos.


Designs by Urban A&O.

GADA award
Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022
First Award | Sustainable Project of the Year (Concept): Project Energos


Designs by Urban A&O.

2021 Awards

iconic award

Iconic Award 

Winner of the Iconic Awards 2021: Innovative Architecture for the conceptual designs of the Project Energos pilot project.

Designs by Urban A&O.

NDA 2021_SILVER_black_transparent
Silver Novum Design Award
Winner of the Silver Novum Design Award in the Urban Planning and Landscape Design Category for Project Energos pilot project designs.


Designs by Urban A&O.

2020 Awards

OPAL award

Outstanding Property Award London

Winner of the Platinum Outstanding Property Award (OPAL) in the Category of Property Development – Environmental/ Sustainability for the Project Energos pilot project designs.

Designs by Urban A&O.