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Benjamin Liker

Benjamin Liker is an intern at TerraScale. Through his unique relationship with C-suite executives, he has advised and contributed to the growth of the company since late 2020. Equipped with a unique blend of soft- and hard-science backgrounds, Benjamin is a dynamic team member and leader.

Currently a college senior in UCLA’s Honors College studying Political Science and Chemistry/Materials Science, Benjamin is currently working in a nanomaterials laboratory under the legendary Dr. Richard B. Kaner, researching novel synthesis and functional analysis of [poly]benzimidazole and epoxide-based nanofiltration membranes, UV-active carbon quantum dots, and magnetic multifunctional polymers. Benjamin also is currently President of IBDetermined at UCLA, was formerly the President, Board Member, and Director of Research of the UC Coalition for Reproductive Justice, and currently plays on the UCLA Lacrosse team. 

During the 2020 election cycle, Benjamin was the youngest candidate for public office in California. His revolutionary grassroots campaign strategy resulted in over 2.8 votes per dollar spent, 7 times that of any other candidate in the seat’s history. An innovative strategist with his ear to the ground, Benjamin also volunteers his time to advise local grassroots campaigns of various community leaders and initiatives in Los Angeles. Previously, Benjamin has also worked with an assortment of entities in different industries, including Omni Nano, a 501(c)(3) nanotechnology nonprofit; the International Safety Equipment Association, a trade association of PPE manufacturers; the Office of California Senate Majority Leader Robert Hertzberg; and sports corporations such as NBC Sports and ESPN.