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Our Vision

First of Its Kind.

The Dream Express – Rail Cruise Europe is a unique experience which combines a hotel train and travel agency in one. The program is aimed at foreign visitors who come to Europe in order to see, discover, experience multiple locations in a short period of time.

Your Journey Begins Here

Unparalleled Sightseeing Experience.

The total rail journey of RCE is 14 days along the entire route The initial departure once every 15 days starts in Berlin, passing through 13 European capitals and 11 countries – The European Tour. The journey offers a unique mix of cultures, sightseeing and fine cuisine in each location as well as stunning views aboard the train.

Our Inspiration

The Glamour of the Art Deco Era.

The Dream Express exterior and interior design draws inspiration from Art Deco as a style because of its association with progress, innovation and opulence. The design aims to remind passengers of the old charm of Europe and the glamour and history with which its capitals stand out. Art Deco is a style reminiscent of an era in which the most comfortable way to travel was by train. The interior aims to immerse passengers in this nostalgic era of luxury and comfort. The vision we pursue aims to revive these ideas, while modernizing them for today with high-end materials, bold colors, custom geometric patterns and gold details.

Inspired by the Golden Age of Travel.

Glamorous, luxurious and opulent: Art Deco is one of the most significant and recognizable decorative styles of the 20th century as well as one of the first truly international styles. It originated in the 1920s, The Golden Age of Travel famous for the beginning of commercial aviation and the promotion of travel around the world. Starting from Paris, it quickly became popular around the world as a style inspired by machines, with its streamlined look and sleek materials.

A Fine Dining Experience.

The train has 2 dining cars and 1 buffet car, fully equipped with cooking and cooling appliances, as well as storage for kitchen utensils and cutlery. It has a capacity of 300 menus for each meal and offers an immersive fine dining experience. Both dining cars serve also as entertainments halls for all passengers during the journey.

Travel in Comfort.

Dream Express has 12 Sleeping cars each with 7 Bedrooms – a total of 84 rooms with various accommodation configurations. Amenities such as smart control of lighting, heating and TV make the sleeping cars a comfortable and effortless experience.

This train offers spa services that are easy to transport, such as: hairdresser and beauty salon, massage studio, office, radio, safe for any valuables. A medical center is also on board.


See Europe. Like Never Before.

See the Europe’s cultural hotspots like you’ve never seen them before on the 14 day journey aboard Dream Express.