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International Cooperation for Sustainability

Supporting Japan’s Climate Goals

By creating opportunities for American companies to take the lead as developers, the Green Snow project supports the Japanese government’s climate goals and highlights the importance of international cooperation in advancing clean energy solutions and overcoming obstacles in the global energy market. The Green Snow project is expected to pave the way for further geothermal energy initiatives, setting a new standard for renewable energy and sustainable practices worldwide.

Collaboration for a Greener Future

Japan-US Joint Cooperation

As announced on April 15, 2023, Japan and the United States agreed to cooperate on developing geothermal energy in Japan during a meeting of the Group of Seven energy and environment ministers in Hokkaido. A memorandum of commitment was signed by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Yasutoshi Nishimura. The pact recognizes geothermal energy as a renewable energy technology that both countries can work together to advance.

The agreement calls for collaboration in research and development, exchange of information, and pursuit of geothermal projects in the US, Japan, and other countries. The cooperation aims to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions contributing to climate change.

Renewable Energy: Development

 The innovative Green Snow Project in Northern Japan is a hybrid renewable energy venture utilizing state of the art geothermal systems to tap into the region’s abundant low to medium-heat geothermal resources.

Green Snow is a collaboration between TerraScale and its co-development partners, Climate Transition Development and Global Family.

This project aims to revolutionize Japan’s renewable energy landscape and overcome geothermal energy sector challenges.

Land: Secured

TerraScale, in cooperation with its co-development partners, Santa Monica, California-based Climate Transition Development Corporation, and Japanese company, Global Family, has successfully secured 113 acres of land in Northern Japan for the Green Snow project. 

TerraScale, Japanese partners plan Green Snow Geothermal dig in northern Japan

The search for stable, renewably resourced energy has many working to harness the sun and wind, but beneath the ground is a treasure trove of potential, from elements for battery storage to the subterranean heat within the earth’s constant friction. A joint venture is working to unlock the latter, geothermal energy, for a new project in […]

TerraScale Inc. Secures 113 Acres of Land in Northern Japan for Development of Green Snow Geothermal Project: A Joint US-Japan Initiative to Harness Renewable Energy

TerraScale Inc. announced that it has secured a 113 acre section of land in Northern Japan for development of the Green Snow project with US company Climate Transition Development Inc. and Japanese company, Global Family. This project, which will include a series of Geothermal Plants, signifies the completion of the pre-development work for Project Green Snow. […]

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