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Prepare for the future of Pharma.

LS-Scale is a TerraScale service focused on optimizing the production environment. With our solutions, you can optimize your production process while complying with the stringent and evolving regulatory framework.

Our solutions will help you manage risk and uncertainties to increase productivity in manufacturing facilities, hazardous areas, and laboratories.

A smarter way to innovate.

With LS-Scale you can transform your production by leveraging rapidly evolving technologies and addressing environmental challenges. Innovate smarter with a future-ready solution that can scale to any size and shape by using the latest advancements in digital knowledge management, IoT, AI, and machine learning.

Accelerate with simulation software.

TerraScale offers simulation software for manufacturing facilities. With our simulation software, you’ll streamline production with better material utilization, reduce inventories, improve throughput, and manage risks to help your company grow sustainably.

Reduce your risk and uncertainty with TerraScale.

TerraScale has the knowledge, experience, and regulatory expertise to help you responsibly navigate a complicated landscape. TerraScale can provide you with the platform for future readiness without the high price tag.

TerraScale is the go-to for pharma and biotech companies.

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