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We provide advanced physical and digital solutions to optimize processes for medical institutions through data management, optimization, analytics, and much more.

Our Mission

To promote the development of, and access to, precision medicine tools and services through our aggregated and curated precision medicine marketplace – a marketplace that serves the drug development, hospital and clinical communities, as well as researchers – and, in the process, improve the Human Condition.

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Our Solutions

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Companion Diagnostic Development Platform

Facilitating the development of CDx biomarkers using innovative pre-clinical disease models and analytics.

Physical tools for bio-computations. Disease models and biomarkers

We help customers to set up novel workflows using microfluidic technologies and sensor integration for life science research, drug development, and clinical measurements. The main target market is pharma and biotech which need equipment to facilitate physiological models of disease.

We provide validated models synergy of hardware and biology and help customers to source critical innovation while empowering them to choose among complex and distributed options.

Virtual Drug Screening Platform

Databases with de-identified patient responses and biomarker information are a valuable resource for in silico screening. 

Use Cases

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Drug Development & Biomarker Targeted Personalized Medicine

Our solutions dramatically accelerate the speed and cost-efficiency of new drug development, utilizing biomarkers that provide a molecular fingerprint of the disease.  Future drug development and personalized medicine, such as for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases will use tools that have high physiological relevance of human tissues, or even samples from an individual patient. Currently, pharmaceutical companies spend billions on drug development with many expensive failures in decades of late-phase clinical trials. There is increasing push-back by the government and NGOs against high drug costs. 

Critical data types and analysis include:

  • High content analysis (bright-field, fluorescence, and confocal microscopy)
  • Multi-dimensional analysis (e.g., flow cytometry)
  • Point sensors (e.g., electrochemical) or aggregate value assay

There is an obvious need for analytical systems to accompany the development of new hardware.

The analytical tools fall into three categories depending on the type of sensor.

Precision Medicine

Our solutions in precision medicine help doctors utilize drugs more efficiently through biomarkers. The collaboration of clinics, advanced miniaturized medical technology, enhanced imaging, IoT and smart sensors, analytics, and green data centers brings together significant complementary capabilities that may provide sustainable personalized medical, solutions for inhabitants of the future. In addition to B2B opportunities, there is B2C or B2B2C for the delivery of personalized medicine to patients.

The question of the right choice of medicine is one of bio-information which we can address with physical technologies and analytical solutions, that include advanced technology and data security deployed to achieve unprecedented accumulation of clinical data from affiliated and non-affiliated medical institutions, joined through Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). The joined of isolated data sets create great value with refined biomarkers increasing performance (prediction of response) leading to successful clinical trials. Our data platform also facilitates communication with regulators and ultimate approval.

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