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philip eggen bw

Philip is a 12-year veteran of the tech world and the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of TerraScale. With a wealth of experience in the IT field, Philip has developed a variety of high-level technology architectures for telecom, data management, fintech, and supply-chain IoT/blockchain/AI applications.

He has collaborated with multinational sustainable data center, real estate, development, and financial technology firms to create business models and strategies and has generated over $1 billion in value on multiple international consortia projects. In 2015, Philip created the “Passive Financial Vehicle.”

In 2016, Philip founded a company to develop, design, and consumerize this technology and was able to raise $1.75 million in initial investment. The company grew to a $120 million market cap in only one year. In his current role, Philip works with leading companies such as Fujitsu, IBM, Siemens, and Red Hat, as well as cloud environments such as Azure and AWS and container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.