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The time is now.

Recent events have highlighted our reliance on fragile systems — highly susceptible to the new types of risks. Primarily among these are factors like climate change, cyber threats, population growth, public health crises and other unseen catastrophes.

Our goal is to unleash a new wave of critical infrastructure development and solutions deployment, while bringing key partners to foster innovation, economic growth, job creation and sustainability.

TerraScale rises to the challenge.

Green. Over the next few years, data center growth statistics are expected to increase by 12-14 percent per year. TerraScale helps the planet meet its growing demand for data storage in a responsible manner.

It is estimated by 2030 that data centers and associated IT infrastructure will consume over 5% of the world’s energy requirement and will only increase as more of the world moves into the status of IT enabled. Large data center requirements within the U.S. could easily reach 100MW of power, or enough to power around 80,000 U.S. households.

The data center industry must commit to reducing the production of carbon emissions and making our planet greener, especially in developing locations. This increased demand requires data center owners and operators to embrace green energy as a solution to these power requirements.

Smart. Between 2010 and 2018, global IP traffic increased more than tenfold, while global data center storage capacity increased by a factor of 25 in parallel.

Over the same time period, the number of computer instances (virtual machines) running on the world’s servers increased more than sixfold. This increased demand requires new data center ingenuity and design that complements existing and future transport architectures.

Traditional big data centers will not be able to meet the growing requirements.

We often hear the terms edge data center or hybrid data center, but the truth is designing new dynamic data transport and data storage solutions will be required.

Secure. In today’s IT environment, smart and secure are somewhat synonymous. Security must be baked into products like smart cars. It cannot be bolted on like traditional end-point security solutions.

For this reason, new technologies and microservices must be rolled out in a manner that makes ownership of data irrefutable.

Innovations like quantum cryptology not only offer solutions to these security concerns, but also increase the demand for data center processing and storage.

In a world of driverless automobiles we cannot afford for hackers to have any security gap to exploit.