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Social PPP Infrastructure Projects

TerraScale is working with CROs (Church Related Organizations) to enhance and develop Social PPPs (Public-Private-Partnerships) which focus on projects such as schools, kindergartens, universities, and churches.

Our Vision

TerraScale is focused on enhancing Social PPP Infrastructure projects, such as:

  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Universities
  • Churches

These projects are normally mixed-use PPP projects, which can be very good when implemented with Church Related Organisations (CRO), which are very well connected in emerging markets like- Africa and Latin America and have considerable amounts of land plots available designated for People-First PPPs.

We are focused on social PPP Projects in cooperation with Church Related Organizations (CRO) such as:

Salesians Don Bosco
SOS Children Villages
Mission Biblique


CROs and Public-Private Partnerships

CROs can attract Private Capital using People-First PPPs.

See examples:

PPP mixed use example from Switzerland (–> Green Village) with the World Council of Churches.

Unfortunately, now the CROs and other Donors are not using People First PPPs on a bigger scale because of a lack of awareness and PPP knowledge.

TerraScale is directly working with these organizations to connect large institutions to projects that focus on impacting these types of social PPP project initiatives through public, private partnerships.