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TerraScale’s Energos team has optimized trading strategies for years.  TerraScale is uniquely qualified to guide new institutional investors through our newly created asset classes by providing proven trading strategies based on institutional clients needs and their unique challenges and goals.  To this end, we have created a platform specifically designed for this called TerraFinance.

What is TerraFinance?

The TerraFinance platform will be home to new, highly innovative tokenized asset classes at scale including tokenized real estate, green bonds, and metals as well as a breakthrough asset-backed and fully insured, smart contract tokenization program.  In addition, we will be financializing the entertainment and arts in a completely innovative way via tokenization of established properties and catalogs.    

To fully round out our groundbreaking financial innovation platform, we will be providing institutional clients with a seamless process to tokenize and list. Tokenization will be conducted through TerraFinance – TerraScale’s propriety platform that provides centralized, customized and seamless tokenization solutions.

TerraFinance Green Bonds

TerraFinance is a platform that provides seamless tokenization solutions.

On TerraFinance, hard assets can be tokenized and stored in the owner’s wallet. Tokenized Green Bonds will also come attached with supporting data that tracks the issuer’s performance (performance of project/company).

Bond investors can use this information to determine if they would like to purchase ownership of the token (Green Bond).

Fractionalization gives investors access to assets that they previously may not have been able to afford/allows investors to diversify their investments at lower stakes.

TerraFinance’s Green Bond Funds

TerraFinance will be offering:

100 Green Bonds – split into two cohorts (50 Green Bonds in Fund 1, 50 Green Bonds in Fund 2, a third Fund can be offered for investors who would like equal exposure in both Funds.

Along with TerraFinance’s bespoke Funds, we will also be offering Green Bond Fund(s) on the platform in a tokenized offering.

TerraFinance is creating opportunities for investors to allocate their capital across Tokenized Green Bond Fund(s), giving them broad exposure to innovative SDG projects/companies at affordable prices.

These Green Bond Funds will be accessible through the TerraFinance platform