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TerraScale Awards Green Snow Project RFP to Subterra Renewables

TerraScale Inc., an award-winning green infrastructure and development firm, and official Equinix reseller, announces today that Subterra Renewables, a Canadian geothermal engineering, and development firm, won a highly competitive RFP for TerraScale’s Green Snow Project.

The Green Snow Project, a recently announced joint collaboration between TerraScale and its co-development partners, Climate Transition Development Corporation and Global Family, is a geothermal energy initiative in Northern Japan. The project aims to harness the region’s plentiful low to medium-heat geothermal resources for renewable power production. TerraScale recently announced it secured 113 acres of land in Northern Japan for the development of the project.

Under the terms of the RFP, Subterra has been granted the first right of exclusivity to own the geothermal plant as well as to operate and maintain it over the 15-year lifetime of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This right extends to future geothermal energy and power projects developed by TerraScale as well. Similar facilities are currently under consideration for development in Japan and across the globe.

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