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Wayne S. Bell

Entrepreneur Wayne S. Bell is the leader behind some of today’s most innovative data-driven companies. Educated at MIT, he has developed cutting-edge solutions that are a unique blend of mathematics and business-savvy, adding millions in revenue for multinational corporations and startups alike.

With today’s pressing environmental, social, and economic problems, it’s never been more important for organizations to harness artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are unique in their ability to derive actionable insights from millions of data points—far more than could be evaluated by even the best human analyst.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Bell has been at the forefront of these emerging technologies – and, just as importantly, he has pioneered methods to make their benefits more accessible to decision-makers worldwide, including governments and NGOs.

Recently, his insight has been instrumental to upStream AI’s Total Waste Destruction technologies, a suite of innovations with the potential to meet on-site energy needs for large-scale desalination and wastewater processing plants.

Beyond “net-zero emissions,” these initiatives may actually help heal the planet while meeting growing needs for potable water in a world threatened by climate change and food insecurity.