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Our goal is to unleash a new wave of critical infrastructure development and solutions deployment, while bringing key partners to foster innovation, economic growth, job creation and sustainability.


Founded for what the future holds.

Established in March of 2020, TerraScale was designed for what the future holds. Recent events have highlighted our reliance on fragile systems — highly susceptible to the new types of risks.

Primarily among these are factors like climate change, cyber threats, population growth, public health crises and other unseen catastrophes. These events made evident the heightened need for green, smart, secure critical infrastructure.


Unique capabilities.

We are a green technology company that places sustainability, digital infrastructure and cybersecurity at the center of its data center development projects and solutions.

Our Purpose

Learning from today, building for tomorrow.

TerraScale develops sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing energy and digital infrastructure challenges. TerraScale is a green technology company that is reinventing the future of digital infrastructure.

As data demands continue to surge, climate threats mount and cyber threats increase at unprecedented rates, TerraScale places green energy and cybersecurity at the center of its data center development projects and solutions.


Innovation through Integration.

TerraScale has assembled a world-class team of engineering, financial, technology, real estate and architecture partners to achieve its goals. Together, we deliver cutting-edge solutions and projects globally.


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New innovation opportunities in sustainable and secure computing.

TerraScale has entered into definitive Share Exchange Agreements with Swiss Battery Technology company, iQ International AG (FRA: IQL), which is traded on the General Standard Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt/Germany on May 10, 2021. The two companies have agreed to merge their operations with the intent of revolutionizing the green data center market. 

The joint company presents a combination of best-in-class green data centers, secure private and public cloud solutions, robust energy storage (batteries), innovative renewable power management, and leading edge cybersecurity expertise and technologies, all under one unified brand.

Bringing these elements together under one roof will create a next generation data center model that will be the most secure, energy and cost efficient data centers available globally. This “green cloud” will become the new, necessary, global standard.