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Data center company TerraScale plans merger with Swiss battery business iQ International

Our vision is to use data centers as a platform to integrate state-of-the-art renewable energy solutions, high-density compute platforms with low power consumption, and disruptive low energy cooling technologies all wrapped in iron-clad cybersecurity solutions.

Data center company TerraScale plans to merge with Swiss battery company iQ International

At first, it expects to develop a 20MW modular data center and a 600kW pre-fab data center, in collaboration with undisclosed data center partners.

TerraScale and iQ International Sign Definitive Share Exchange Agreements to Revolutionize the Green Data Center Market

Combination creates unique innovation possibilities in sustainable and secure computing globally.

TerraScale tie-up aims to create data center, green infrastructure powerhouse

TeraScale, a founder-led, California and Nevada-headquartered startup in “sustainable computing” infrastructure, announced that it plans to merge with Swiss battery technology company iQ International AG.

TerraScale Selects Victory Logistics District as Location for Data Center Project

Breakdown on rollout of Phase One of Project Energos and the plans for building the “Energos Reno” data center located in Northern Nevada.

In Her Own Words: Soheila Yalpani designs TerraScale for post-pandemic world

Article from Bizjournal’s Ellen Sherberg interviewing TerraScale’s COO Soheila Yalpani about what it means to prepare a business for the post-pandemic world.

Behind Nevada’s 1st Carbon-Neutral Data Center

CPE’s Corina Stef interviews TerraScale’s CEO Mark Schonberg and COO Soheila Yalpani on some of the details on why Northern Nevada was chosen for the first phase of Project Energos.

Greener, Smarter, More Secure: Why The Promise Of Smart Cities Hinges On Data Centers

Forbes’ Danny Hayes brings important information to the forefront which highlights the importance of centralized data and security to power the coming generation of smart cities.

Ambri Expands in the Liquid Metal Battery Space, Still Privately Held

Ambri, a company that develops grid-scale battery technology that’s reliable and efficient, isn’t publicly traded at this time.

85 Best Aerospace Startups Of 2020, Featuring TerraScale At No. 1

This article showcases Startup Pill’s top picks for the best Aerospace startups. On number 1 is TerraScale.

Amid housing shortage, Churchill Co. poised for economic development

Discussion about the possible complex development set to roll out in phases and the rise of housing demand in Churchill County.

TerraScale Wins Platinum 2020 Outstanding Property Award London In Property Design

TerraScale together with Joe MacDonald, founding principal of Urban A&O, has been awarded a Platinum Outstanding Property Award London (OPAL) in the Category of Property Development – Environmental and Sustainability, for the conceptual design of TerraScale’s Energos Reno project.

Blockchain Solutions Solving Supply Chain Issues

Blockchain solutions have the potential to distinctly improve supply chains, enabling quicker and more cost-efficient delivery of products, enhancing products’ traceability, improving communication, and giving help to financing frameworks.

The Transatlantic Leadership Network congratulates Michael Barbero

The Transatlantic Leadership Network congratulates LTG (R) Michael Barbero for joining TerraScale in the role of chairman.

101 Awesome Telecommunications That Will Take 2021 By Storm

This article showcases Startup Pill’s top picks for the best Telecommunications startups. On number four is TerraScale.

Cross Border Finance and Blockchain Technology in the Modern World

Blockchain technology in facilitating cross-border financial transactions in the modern world has attracted attention from many corporations. TerraScale will look to utilize this new technology in their operations.

Can Biden’s Climate Plan Beef Up Clean Tech Investments?

This article mentions TerraScale’s President, Mark Schoneberg’s remarks about the problems associated with Biden’s climate reforms.

TerraScale to deploy Ambri’s Liquid Metal Battery technology

A novel battery technology is to be demonstrated at a data center which holds the promise of low-cost and compact storage without degradation.

LTG (Ret.) Michael D. Barbero Joins TerraScale As Chairman

U.S. Army Lieutenant General (Retired) Michael D. Barbero has joined TerraScale as Chairman. In addition to assisting with development and implementation of TerraScale’s global vision and government contracting strategy, General Barbero will help lead the company’s rollout of Project Energos.

Data Centers, Tech Industry, Natural Pairing For Renewable

In an interview with New Project Media, TerraScale’s President, describes that renewables are really the ultimate resiliency for a data center.

As The Pandemic Tanks Oil And Gas, Solar Shines

It’s been a tough year for gas and oil prices, but solar power has seen steady growth during this pandemic year.

$3 billion Energos project to build largest carbon-neutral industrial park

An ambitious project that aims to build the largest carbon-neutral industrial park powered 100% by locally generated renewable energy.

Scorecard: Looking Back at DCF’s 2020 Predictions for Green Power

Terrascale announced plans for Energos Reno, a 20-megawatt data center project designed to tap multiple renewable energy sources.

As The Pandemic Tanks Oil And Gas, Solar Shines

Mountain West News Bureau’s Stephanie Serrano talks about the development of TerraScale’s Energos Project during this pandemic year.

Large industrial park planned for Nevada to tap renewable energy

TerraScale, a clean infrastructure design company, is planning this ambitious green technology project near reno.

Nevada clean energy project may be worth billions

TerraScale has unveiled plans to build largest carbon-neutral industrial park in the United States near northern Nevada desert.

Clean energy project in Nevada desert could be worth $3B

TerraScale, a company specializing in green energy design unveils plans to build largest carbon-neutral industrial park in the United States.

Virtual press conference held to introduce Energos Reno Project

EDAWN and TerraScale hosted a virtual press conference on Dec 8 introducing Energos Reno, the largest industrial park in Churchill County.

Climate change, the danger of wildfires and their prevention

The Nevada Independent’s David Roth writes about the future changes due to climate change and how we can prevent disasters.

$3 billion clean energy project, Data Center to be built east of Reno

TerraScale revealed the pilot project, Energos Reno, for its global clean energy strategy during a virtual press conference hosted by EDAWN.

Largest carbon-neutral industrial park to be built in US near Reno

An ambitious project in Nevada’s high desert aims to build the largest carbon-neutral industrial park in United States near Reno.

Utilizing Blockchain to Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry

A Blockchain network that allows the sharing of information, in real-time with participants, is a solution to fixing supply chain vulnerabilities, increase compliance in the Pharma supply chain and better the transparency of Clinical Trials.

TerraScale and EDAWN to host virtual press conference to introduce its Energos Reno Project

TerraScale and The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) will host a virtual press conference on Dec 8 to introduce TerraScale’s Energos Reno project and the role of AlphaStruxure. The project will include the development of a data center that will leverage renewable energy infrastructure.

Virtual Press Conference featuring Project Energos held on December 8

EDAWN and TerraScale will host a virtual press conference on December 8 to introduce TerraScale’s Energos Reno project.

TerraScale to leverage Ambri liquid metal battery technology

TerraScale has announced plans to use liquid metal battery technology from Ambri at their upcoming data centre campus in Nevada, US.

Ambri is deploying its liquid metal battery technology for TerraScale

Ambri aims to install 250 MWh of its calcium-antimony battery in a data center application in TerraScale’s Energos Reno project.

TerraScale to deploy Ambri’s liquid metal battery at Energos Reno Project

TerraScale plans to deploy Ambri’s Liquid Metal Battery technology at its planned data center campus in Reno, Nevada.

Ambri’s liquid metal battery to be used at desert data centre

Liquid metal’ battery technology developed as a potential low-cost competitor for lithium-ion looks set to be used at a data centre under development.

Ambri deploys its liquid metal battery technology to TerraScale’s data center

TerraScale announced that it has signed an agreement with Ambri to deploy their proprietary liquid metal battery technology.

TerraScale appoints Michael Coleman as Chief Innovation Officer

The company said Coleman brings vast experience in data centre design and construction as he served in Google and Yahoo previously.

Industry Veteran Michael Coleman Joins TerraScale As Chief Innovation Officer

Former Head of Global Data Center Operations at Google has joined the company as Chief Innovation Officer. He brings significant experience in data center design and construction. In his new role, Coleman will be responsible for overseeing the company’s commercial data center efforts and Green Infrastructure Projects.

TerraScale and Ambri inks an agreement To Deploy New Tech For Energos Reno Project

Ambri signs an agreement with TerraScale to deploy Proprietary Liquid Metal Battery technology for its Energos Project. Ambri is developing and commercializing a new long duration battery technology that will enable widespread use of renewable energy sources and reduce electricity cost.

Ambri Inks Agreement With TerraScale’s To Deploy New Tech

TerraScale announced that it has signed an agreement with Ambri to deploy their Proprietary Liquid Metal Battery Technology.

Industry veteran Michael Coleman joins as Chief Innovation Officer.

Micheal has previously worked at Yahoo and Google, bringing their expertise in data centre industry.

Michael Coleman Joins Terrascale As Chief Innovation Officer

Coleman will be responsible for overseeing the firm’s commercial Data Center efforts and Green Infrastructure projects.

Colonel (Ret.) Mark R. Schonberg Appointed President Of TerraScale, Inc.

Former U.S. Army Colonel (Ret.) Mark R. Schonberg has been announced as TerraScale’s President. The retired Colonel joins TerraScale Inc. with more than three decades of senior leadership in the United States Military along with extensive expertise in IT services, cyber security and data center construction.

101 Exciting Renewable Energy Companies That Are a Must Follow

The article showcases Startup Pill’s top picks for the best Renewable Energy startups including TerraScale

The Need for Climate Resilient Infrastructure

By early October 2019, In the United States alone, ten climate disaster events had led to losses exceeding $1 billion. In this light, new infrastructure assets must be prioritized to account for the climate changes that may occur.

The Sun is Shining Just a Little Brighter Today

Renewable energy generates 17.5% of our energy supply. Actions to increase our supply of renewable energy and storage will help us to slowly wean ourselves off dependence upon fossil fuels still the source of 62.7% of power generation.

Explaining Microgrid and their use in power generation

A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously or in tandem with the grid. A microgrid can supply an area with power in parallel with the grid.

Why Offshore Wind Developments are Growing in Popularity

Despite the term “offshore”, offshore wind farms are constructed not only in the ocean but also in lakes, fjords, and sheltered coastal areas. Compared to the wind speeds on land, the wind speeds on the water are much higher.

7 Biggest Renewable Projects in the World

Renewable energy resources are virtually inexhaustible but limited in the amount of energy that is available per unit of time. As a result, huge renewable energy projects are constructed so that large amount of energy can be harvested.

Renewables Rises, Fossil Fuels plunges in the Wake of Pandemic

The world’s demand for fossil fuels has plunged by almost 10% amid the coronavirus lockdown. But this may only be the beginning of a much more terminal decline as the pandemic could trigger a $25 trillion collapse in the fossil fuel industry.

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc but there is still hope

We are feeling a newfound sense of fragility as humans, both in the security of our species and in the structural soundness of the economic, financial, and social structures meant to keep us safe, prosperous, and stable but it won’t last forever.

Here are 5 things to love about Community Solar

Community solar refers to local solar facilities shared by multiple community subscribers who receive credit on their electricity bills for their share of the power produced. This model for solar is being rapidly adopted throughout the country.

Keary “Danny” Hayes II Has Been Named Director Emeritus of Green Cross

The CEO of TerraScale Inc. has been appointed Director Emeritus of the non-governmental organization Green Cross. Green Cross is a consultative member of the United Nations on Climate Change and the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

Three 2021 Renewable Energy Trends to Watch out For

Renewable energy has become cheaper and increasingly accessible with each passing year. Due to these changing trends, Industry experts should learn about which renewable energy trends to expect in 2021.