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The Green Business opportunity is projected to be $12 trillion, by 2030 per McKinsey and create 24 million jobs in globally by 2030 according to ILO.

Is your organization ready to take part in the growing green market opportunity?

TerraScale is a premier Green Advisory Practice, unlocking the vast potential of this emerging market. We offer a unique, fully-equipped Green Advisory platform, helping our clients transform to engage and grow within the Green Economy effectively.

Our Green Advisory Practice leverages a unique ‘platform’ approach. This innovative model allows us to strategically integrate clients into our existing network of financial, legal, and technical partnerships for accelerated deployment of solutions and aggressive market expansion.

Benefit from streamlined access to banking, financial services, advisory, construction, and fiduciary expertise, ensuring increased efficiency, seamless coordination and specialized expertise.

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Our Solutions

As a trailblazing leader in the green transition, we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions and strategic partnerships to drive unparalleled growth and expansion.

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Obtain & Structure Project Financing

We collaborate with large institutional banking partners to establish robust fiduciary capabilities. We structure financial solutions for green development projects, oversee transactions and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Expansion into New Geographical Markets

We help businesses identify and rapidly expand into new markets while ensuring efficient scaling aligned with their growth aspirations.

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Entry Into the Green Market

 We facilitate the identification and implementation of market strategies to facilitate entry into the green market, including green bond and government grant strategies.

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AI & Digital Transformation

We help clients transform, adapt and integrate AI into their digital transformation strategies. 

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Secure Government Contracts

 Our robust and experienced federal contracting team is ready to lead our clients’ government contracts efforts and improve their bidding abilities.

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Favorable Regulatory & Policy Environment

With a keen understanding of the policy landscape and in-house lobbying & legal capabilities, we help our clients navigate the regulatory environment and advocate for favorable industry policies.

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Our Approach

Rapid Action & Empowerment Model

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Our approach is based on the widely-used “agile” methodology from software development as the foundation for our advisory services. 

Unlike the traditional “waterfall” model, where each phase is completed before moving on to the next, our agile approach prioritizes rapid iteration and swift implementation.

To set ourselves apart from consulting organizations such as McKinsey, Deloitte or Accenture, we have structured our approach as a “Rapid Action and Empowerment Model” (RAEM).

In contrast to traditional management consulting practice of charging solely for completing the initial phase of a project, our goal is to support clients throughout the entire implementation process. While TerraScale does not directly handle implementation, we provide a platform that enables clients to connect and integrate with the appropriate partners.

What sets us apart.

In the rapidly evolving green transition market, TerraScale has strategically positioned itself to compete effectively with various types of companies, leveraging its unique blend of services and capabilities.

Types of Clients We Serve

TerraScale focuses on working with clients in the following areas: 

Government Clients

We serve as the prime contractor for government agencies, playing a crucial role in the entire lifecycle of national and regional economic infrastructure plans, from ideation to execution. Our expertise lies in developing and delivering essential tools, partners and financial structures to support these plans effectively.

Green Project Developers

Projects related to green and sustainable solutions for energy generation, energy storage, transportation solutions, recycling and waste management, fuels,  infrastructure building.

Financial Services

Issuing green bonds, green financing, insuring green projects, etc. 


Developing solutions in climate tech, green tech, deep tech, AI/ML, IoT, etc.  

Real Estate Developers

TerraScale specializes in providing comprehensive advisory and financing services to support the success of real estate developers’ projects. Our expertise lies in guiding clients through the process of securing financing options and connecting them with the right finance, tech, legal and EPC partners to execute their projects effectively. 

Engineering, Construction & Procurement

We specialize in guiding EPC firms in securing project financing. Recognizing the capital-intensive nature of infrastructure development, we work closely with EPC firms to assess project requirements, explore financing alternatives, and develop tailored strategies. By leveraging our expertise and industry connections, we facilitate connections between EPC firms and funding sources

Integration Partnerships

We deliver integrated services and solutions that drive rapid market growth, accelerate expansion, and unlock new value streams, leveraging our extensive ecosystem of partners in construction, accounting, auditing, advising, sustainability ratings, reporting, digital infrastructure, legal advisory, public policy and more.

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Recent Case Studies 

Green Snow Japan, Project

  • Award-winning pioneering sustainable development project in Northern Japan
  • Structuring and pre-development of deal
  • Delivered relationships with Swiss banking and legal partners
  • Successful setup up non double taxation entities for foreign investment in Japan in accordance with FINRA, FINMA, SEC and EU regulations
  • Successful of pre-approval of corporate bond and project bonds for preliminary ratings by leading ratings agencies
  • Facilitated setup of Swiss AG for Japanese client
  • Lobbying on behalf  of Japan – US renewable energy cooperation with Department of Energy in Washington, DC
  • Delivery of geothermal utility partner to developer via RFP
  • Successfully completed project pre-development phase

Private Firm Consulting Project

  • Secured government RFP
  • Completion of master planning for data center pilot project with leading EPC firm
  • Integration of banking and finance partnerships
  • Delivered two buyout offers to company
  • Delivered leading software company partnership and battery company partnership


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