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For What the Future Holds.

Accelerating the transition to a more sustainable planet through global green infrastructure and technology deployment.

Powering a Digital Future.

As an Authorized Equinix Reseller, discover how we can help your organization scale with agility, speed the launch of digital services, seamlessly connect to customers and partners and deliver world-class experiences.

TerraScale Inc. Secures 113 Acres of Land in Northern Japan for Development of Green Snow Geothermal Project:
A Joint US-Japan Initiative to Harness Renewable Energy
The Time is Now.

We are unleashing a new wave of critical infrastructure development and solutions deployment to foster innovation, economic growth, job creation and sustainability.

Project Development Solutions

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People & Planet-First Solutions

Project Finance Solutions

Who We Are

Green. Smart. Secure.

By combining project financing with project development; we make large scale deployment of sustainable infrastructure possible. 

Our goal is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable planet through large-scale green infrastructure project deployment globally. 

TerraScale places sustainability at the core of each of its projects to ensure the delivery of solutions that are truly planet-first.

TerraScale brings together a unique set of IP and Management expertise surrounded by an ecosystem of global partners to ensure global project development capabilities. 

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What We Do

Thinking ahead.

Trillions of dollars globally will be invested into Green-tech and projects, as global mandates continue to drive organizations to a sustainable, green agenda. However, today there is no framework for this transition, insufficient collaboration, and a disparate world of technology capabilities. TerraScale fills this gap- as the global climate crisis escalates and accelerates we are perfectly placed to execute our plan. TerraScale has the project financing, technology, management expertise and the route to market to make this transition possible.

Our Capabilities

Best-in-Class Capabilities

TerraScale delivers efficient execution through integration partnerships. Our agile ecosystem is built to deliver services at every turn and nearly anywhere in the world. TerraScale brings together best-in-class engineering, finance, technology, real estate, energy, architecture,  construction firms and more.

Together, our ecosystem brings vast access to capital solutions that unlock value for all stakeholders across the entire lifecycle of a project. Our ecosystem of partners allows us to provide the best solutions and technology globally, enabling us to provide “people-first” solutions that prioritize the need when selecting service providers. 

"We combine the power of top-tier partners to create & deploy world-class solutions.”


Japan Project Rollout

Unlocking Japan’s renewable energy potential.

TerraScale’s Green Snow Project is an important step towards Japan realizing its 2030 Climate Plan, which seeks to triple the country’s geothermal capacity by 2030.

Discover how we are transforming Japan’s renewable energy landscape.

“From growing energy demands to climate changes, technology will play a critical role in finding solutions to the challenges our world faces.”


Sustainability is at our core.

Integrating renewables, cutting-edge green technology and battery storage solutions are at the core of our projects in order to help us achieve our sustainability goals.

We are on a mission to ensure that our work makes a truly positive impact on the global carbon footprint.

“In the future, all digital roads will lead to the data center and the responsible construction of these data center ecosystems starts with the type of energy powering it.”

Our Approach

Sustainability at the core of each Project

Our team is dedicated to sustainable development. We work tirelessly to ensure that our projects have a positive impact on the environment, social welfare, and the economy. 

Rigorous project selection process

Rigorous and systematic process for selecting projects. We consider a number of factors, including the potential impact of the project, the feasibility of implementation, and the financial viability of the project. 


The use of structured finance for financing the projects ensures a high level of transparency and accountability in terms of project funding. In addition, performance indicators are in place to monitor progress and adherence to sustainability KPIs.

Government support for projects

We ensure we have government sponsorship (at the national and local levels) for our projects to accelerate and smoothen the development process and ensure alignment with government goals at all level.