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Danny Hayes

Danny Hayes, as the CEO & Co-Founder of TerraScale, is at the forefront of driving sustainable change in the realm of digital infrastructure. With a steadfast commitment to crafting eco-conscious solutions for the most pressing energy and digital infrastructure challenges, he is steering projects that blend the pinnacle of technological innovation with sustainable development. His leadership at TerraScale has resulted in the company earning five esteemed design and architecture awards.

As the lead developer of the Green Snow Project in Northern Japan, in collaboration with Godai Furusawa, the owner of Global Family, Danny has shown his proficiency in spearheading innovative renewable energy initiatives. Green Snow is a hybrid renewable energy venture utilizing state of the art geothermal systems to tap into the region’s abundant low to medium-heat geothermal resources. This project aims to revolutionize Japan’s renewable energy landscape and overcome geothermal energy sector challenges.

Under Danny’s leadership, TerraScale also secured an RFP for Wakayama Prefecture’s Green Cloud Project in Japan,  which includes the establishment of secure green cloud infrastructure and renewable power.

Danny is also a Registered Lobbyist for the U.S. House of Representatives, proudly associated with 33 Agency, LLC. As a Registered Lobbyist, Danny works to influence public policy and legislative decisions in areas related to sustainable development, energy, and digital infrastructure.

Danny’s diverse and rich experience has also led him to advise institutions, governments, corporations, and individual high-net-worth clientele on the development of smart, resilient infrastructure. This includes master planning of industry development and high-stakes negotiations with Fortune 500 companies.

Danny is also honored to serve as Director Emeritus of the Green Cross and is an Advisory Board Member at the University of California, Riverside. He is also a financial advisor to Ambri, a company backed by Bill Gates and Khosla Ventures, and serves as a Senior Finance Advisor to Hudson Capital Advisors. Additionally, he provides his insights as an advisor to Unify Platform AG. These roles allow him to further leverage his expertise in sustainable development, contributing to a greener, more secure digital future.