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Solutions for a Greener Future.

TerraScale utilizes multiple renewable power generation technologies: solar, hydro, wind, geothermal, kinetic and more to deliver best-in-class renewable energy solutions.

We also utilize battery storage solutions to enable high-volume, reliable, and resilient energy storage with potentially the lowest levelized cost of storage in the industry.

Climate change and its impact on the environment and our way of life have raised global concerns about the future of our planet and have shifted the political agenda globally towards decarbonization. TerraScale seeks to be a leader in the transition to a more sustainable planet through the implementation of renewable power technologies.

TerraScale is equipped to combine technologies from the real and the digital worlds to transform industrial and infrastructure systems, making them smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.


Stay in control.

Remotely control and monitor your operations on mobile devices, allowing you to stay in control of your production facilities. We make it easy to monitor and improve the efficiency of your operations while keeping employees safe.

Keep your renewable energy investments safe.

With the ever-changing grid, it’s essential that you have the right software to manage your system. We have made it our mission to keep your investment safe and productive with edge control for secure, reliable, and efficient grid, substation, and meter management.

Scale smart.

With TerraScale, you can scale your grid smarter and grow more profitable with energy analytics for better operations and investment plans. With real-time data, you can cut costs and optimize performance.

Optimize for your future.

With our predictive analytics, you can optimize your grid for efficient and effective operations. TerraScale’s smart grid analytics provide a holistic view of how your generators, distribution, and transmission interact to produce energy. We deliver an end-to-end solution that improves operational efficiency and helps drive down costs, all with the power of predictive maintenance and investment analysis.

Powering a sustainable future for businesses.

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